You are probably an up-and-coming digital marketer still testing the viability of the industry and what technique and marketing tools better suits your tastes. But, have you ever wondered what the Bill Gates, Richard Bransons, Mark Zuckerbergs, Carly Fiorinas, Warren Buffetts and many other top-ranking marketers’ marketing stacks look like? How about a slight glimpse of what their collections possibly looks?

An ideal marketer’s stack inspired by the best performing Digital Marketing Gurus

“You can take this list as a challenge to supercharge your career. I’d also like to know what you have in mind.”

In the Social Media Marketing Category, you can go for Buffer, Sprout Social or MeetEdgar

The best tip to help you choose the best tool in this category is perhaps an excellent time-saving tool. Additionally, any cheaper, longer subscription plan is plausible though any free plans are perfect. Do all your content creation, curation and scheduling ahead of time before rolling out the campaign. Remember, having a tool that enlists all the major platforms in one interface is laudable.

What Real-Time Data Analytics Tool is the best? I’d go with Google Analytics or Chartbeat

Nothing matches Google Analytics; it is perhaps a huge, monstrous amount of info, generously and freely given out. You can channel traffic, monitor the impact of different campaigns and above all, in real-time scenarios. Generally, it is the best for everyone.

For SEO, just try using Open Site Explorer

Possibly a nicely crispy tool, this free software in you stack will always help you check your domain and page authority as well as how many links you may be getting from a given source. For an unlimited thrill, you might just go for the full version. How can you use this Open Site Explorer? Well, just paste your site’s URL onto Open Site Explorer.

Your Designing Tool should be Canva

A whopping two million people trust Canva to do an impeccable job, and the results are apparent. It works like magic, creating some stunning images for almost everything including the social media and your blog posts. You will spice up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest although Pablo, Gimp, and Pic Monkey can offer a desirable competition.

Optimize your website using KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg or Hotjar

You may be interested in knowing how many people visit your website, what they normally do and how long they spend their time there. Well, Hotjar ought to be your best tool for the job. It is as a handy tool for research as it is useful to advance your internet marketing career.

For your Customer Relationship Management – CRM, just use Charlie

Stay abreast of your current and upcoming clients using this futuristic tool. It is quite comfortable, friendly and invariably befits everyone. Alternatively, Norbert is equally great.

Other tools that deserve to be on your marketing stack include:

  • WordPress for your Landing Pages
  • Crowdfire for Twitter Management
  • Medium for Blogging
  • Wistia for Video
  • Peek for Testing

Try all these, including your varied options and after a week or two, take a look at how your internet marketing career is taking you.








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