“If it isn’t scalable, it is not worth doing it.”

In the business world, making choices and decisions heavily depends on tracking the statistics and interpreting the data. While internet marketing is perhaps another worthwhile investment, web analytics tools are known to spur the growth of the entire investment in unquantifiable magnitudes. Therefore, to better understand if your campaign is bearing fruits vis-à-vis the efforts, a great analytics system is mandatory.

  1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is, without a doubt, the trademark choice for everyone nowadays and the reasons reveal everything. You see, Google is arguably the largest brand in the technological world, meaning that anything from this major house is refined. With some finely tuned features, perhaps more advanced than the typically available, being a simple freely available online marketing tool, and more robust, Google analytics will remain just the best. It is perfect for blogs and any authority site, although I highly disregard using it for affiliate marketing.

  1. Kissmetrics

It is many experienced digital marketers’ favorite because it can help increase conversions across the entire website. Additionally, it is quite a great tool as it can track your site’s visitors as they navigate the site thereby offering you adequate data. The fact that it can be used across the board – on blogs and in affiliate marketing – makes it one great addition.

  1. CrazyEgg

Another useful instrument that helps understand how people navigate on your site visually, CrazyEgg is a feature-rich software that is liked by almost every marketer. In fact, since you can opt for a Heatmap, Scollmap, Confetti, or Overlay to better understand the visitor’s behavior, it is ideal for everyone.

  1. Clicky

The buzz waves generated by Clicky since when it was released was genuinely sincere as it is one expertly engineered to offer better services than the conventional analytics tools. You will particularly love it as it is one tool that provides real-time outcome, unlike the traditional instruments. It monitors, analyzes and reacts to visits in a record time.

  1. Mint

Would you like an analytics tool with one-off payment while offering plausible services? Try Mint. From just $30, you can be confident of some amazing features including a “Mint” layout with some clean, easy to understand charts among many other desirable additions. In short, it is indeed a premium refined analytics tool for any internet marketing maven.

Other tools that suit the contemporary requirements of any online marketing vehement and worth trying out include the following:

  • Coremetrics
  • Omniture
  • Piwik
  • Webtrends
  • Unica
  • Cloudflare
  • ClickTale
  • Hitslink
  • Church Analytics

It is important to keep track of your campaign, so whichever analytics tool that appeals to you is perhaps what befits you. Remember, if your site isn’t scalable, it is not worth doing it.

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